I am so thankful for this life. It’s everything I never knew I always wanted. 
I wasn’t always sure I wanted to be married and have kids. But once I met Gunnar I was sure I wanted to be his wife and have his children. 

He is a good man. A great one even. He was the first guy I met that knew his Bible as well as my brother and tried to live it out. He not only loved Jesus, but lived his life to honor him. 

Gunn is smart and caring and good at just about everything he tries. He has many gifts and abilities but he doesn’t just settle for what’s easy and comes naturally he also works really hard too. He seriously strives for excellence in every task. He is a rare gem and I am so thankful he’s mine. 

I’m really proud to be his wife and I’m so thankful we get to be best friends. 

I’m also thankful that he sees the good in me and then cheers me on in those places. He’s a good encourager and is constantly supporting me. I think we’re a really good team. I think we compliment each other well and I know that our marriage is a gift. God has blessed us so abundantly and then also helped and equipped us to work hard at it and fight for unity and peace, because those things do not come easy. 

A couple weeks ago we got to team up to share our lives and our motivation in work. It was such a pleasure and an honor. I was proud to watch him teach the Bible and hear the wisdom that God spoke through him. And then I got up to share and I felt like Gunn was both my strongest supporter and beaming teammate. I loved that He stood by me because he knew I was nervous but stayed back just a bit as if to say, “I’m here if you need me, and I’ll just admire you as you shine.” Seriously, this man is a gift from the great Giver of good things. 

If you haven’t heard it yet, then please, have a listen and be encouraged!