I love to eat. Be it sweet or savory, I am no critic. I am a lover of all food. I do have a special place in my heart for bread and I’ll gladly admit, donuts are my love language.

And because I can easily go from one extreme to another I happily eat healthy food too. I like fruits and vegetables, quinoa and kale. As long as it’s yummy I’m thankful to eat! It helps that I married into a farming family so I’ve learned to appreciate good produce, blueberries especially.

The problem comes when my lack of self control over rides my diligent discipline. It’s crazy to think how I can go from one extreme to the next with barely a blink.

I’ve found that in a lot of ways food is a metaphor for my life. It feels like I’m always trying to find the balance, but appreciate the goodness on both ends of the spectrum. And more than I love delicious food, I love Jesus. He is the constant when things are uncertain. He is the giver of all good things. Whether I’m enjoying the carefree pleasure of a donut or the responsible goodness of some blueberries I am most content when I am full of Jesus.

Wanting to do the right and healthy thing, I can only do it for so long before the pendulum swings to the other side. I’m sometimes boggled by the way I can be hot then cold, fast or slow, yes or no. A recent personality test said it’s because my underpinning quality of “turbulent” overwhelms the rest of me. What does that even mean!?!

It means that left to my own devices I’m out of control, and have difficulty making decisions and assertively going with them. And that’s especially hard for someone who likes control and everyone’s approval. It means that I need help. And this is where God comes in. He is the steady rock when I’m waffling (Mmmmmmm, waffles). He is the wisdom I need when I’m unsure and the discernment I need in every decision.

He is the middle of the road when I feel like I’m zigzagging back and forth into the guardrails. No matter where I find myself in any part of the continuum, i.e. Self pity vs pride, loneliness vs overwhelmed with people, super happy vs really sad; God is my anchor. He is my purpose and my joy. And I want to share that.

Just like any good meal is better shared with friends I want to share his goodness.

I love Psalm 34:8 that says, “Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good! Blessed is the man who takes refuge in him!”

My heart for this blog is to whet your appetite by giving a taste of the best I’ve tasted and a glimpse of the best I’ve seen.

I’ll be sharing my life lessons – the good, the bad, the hard and lighthearted. There will be sweet victories and humbling failure, but in it all there is Jesus and I hope and pray that as we take refuge in him we will be very blessed.

So here’s to living and learning, loving and eating. May we cling to Jesus, enjoying a donut, or blueberries, or something in between.